Healthy, natural treats for your best friend

Healthy, 100% natural, small batch kangaroo meat snacks designed exclusively for a special friend that deserves a special treat

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100% Natural, Australian Made Dog Treats

Since Pet Snacks started creating pet treats in 2010, we have earned consumer respect by offering the best, highest quality kangaroo meat pet treats available anywhere.

We are proud to bring you our single ingredient, grain free, additive free pet snacks – a product that reflects on our long standing tradition of delivering premium kangaroo meat pet treats.

What's our secret?

It’s simple, we use the highest grade meats and take pride in the preparation of our pet treats. We do NOT use fillers such as pork, corn solids, soy flour or mechanically separated chicken you will find in most commercially marketed pet treats.

100% All Natural

Australian Made

Provide Omega 3's

Single Ingredient