Why You Should Choose Grain Free For Your Dogs!

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Grain-free treats for dogs have been popping up at pet shops and across the web for years. But how do you know which ones are the highest quality for your dog?

You might even ask yourself WHY grain-free treats anyway? Unless your pet is allergic to grains, does it really matter?

In a few minutes you’ll say to yourself, YES, it does matter and you’ll know exactly HOW to choose high quality treats for your favorite pooch.

Without further ado, let us jump right into it, shall we?

First, let’s discuss WHY grain-free treats are better for your dog.

It’s biology. You probably already know that dogs are descended from wolves and you know that wolves are serious meat eaters. In fact, 10 wolves can devour a deer every single day. That’s a lot of meat!


Even though it’s been a few thousand years, dogs have maintained the sharp teeth and ability to rip through meat that their distant ancestors had.

Knowing that, does it make any sense to feed your dog a primarily carb rich diet?  I don’t think so.

Carbohydrates are important of course, they feed glucose to your dog’s cells which give him energy. Yet your pet needs lots of protein to keep his body functioning at it’s highest capacity.

Your dog needs protein, good fats and carbohydrates in the right balance to stay healthy. Unfortunately, too many pet foods and treats are grain based–primarily corn and wheat. And too much grain can throw your pet’s system out of balance.

In fact, an increasing number of dogs are becoming sensitive to grains as a result of eating too many of them. Maybe your dog is one of them. It can cause itchy skin, hot spots and other skin problems.

Even if your dog isn’t allergic to those grains, it’s not good for them to eat large quantities of it.

It’s not biologically appropriate and harder for your pet to digest. That’s why grain-free treats make sense.

What Types of Grain-Free Treats are There?

Browse any pet store and you’ll find dozens of grain free treats. Browse the web and you’ll find even more.

There are treats shaped like postmen, goldfish and hearts. These look like traditional pet treats but with the wheat based flour swapped for chickpea or other bean flour. There are chew sticks, soft treats and dried fruit treats.

But if most dogs are in their best health with a protein based diet, it makes sense to feed them natural protein based treats don’t you think?

The key is making sure it’s a high quality. After all, there’s no reason to feed your dog the caloric equivalent of candy — which is what some treats are.

Then there are the shocking number of grain free treats that aren’t even digestible by your dog. Hooves and tails fall into this category. Your dog may seem to like them and your pet can certainly chew on them and swallow little bits but a day or two later, it’ll work it’s way back out.

Wouldn’t you rather give your pet a tasty and even nutritious treat? That’s what you get with some high protein treats made primarily of duck, bison or kangaroo.

Here in Australia, educated and concerned pet parents like to feed their precious pets kangaroo meat treats. After all, grass-fed, free range kangaroo meat is nutritious and plentiful.

Plus, kangaroo is a “novel protein” for most dogs which means your dog is unlikely to have an allergic reaction. And our treats are a true single ingredient. That means, there are no fillers and you know exactly what you’re getting.

Doesn’t your pet deserve the best in high quality, grain free treats for dogs?

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