Treat Feeding Frequency and Quantity


Giving your dog a treat and watching them loving it is one of the best things about owning a dog.

Seeing them go nuts when they hear the rustling of the pack, their ears pricked up, the overwhelming smell of dried meat filling their nostrils with every breath…

For us, watching them enjoying a treat like this is a great thing.

But, is there a limit on how many treats you should be feeding per day?

In todays post we answer that question, but first we look into 5 things that will help you decide whats right for your pet.

Does the dog have a sensitive stomach?

Dogs who have sensitive stomaches can get diarrhoea or vomiting from ingesting too many treats. This can also occur if the treats contain allergens. Diarrhoea is usually due to the high protein concentration.

If your dog gets the runs from eating high protein treats, give him 2-3 days off and then reintroduce slowly. As tempting as it is to give them more and more treats, your pup will be better off with less.

How Kangaroo Meat Treats Can Help: Being a single ingredient, natural, allergen free meat, Kangaroo meat treats are easily digested by dogs, and provide optimal bioavailability for your dog to absorb maximum amount of nutrients.

Is the treat a dental chew?


This is a super important point. If the treats your feeding are dental chews (Ie; Tendons, Roo Chews) then there is no need for more than 2-3 treats per day. You wouldn’t brush your teeth more than that so why would you for your dog.

Is your go a fussy eater?


Dogs are instinctively hunters. In the wild, their ancestral relatives might have sometimes gone for days before getting a meal.

But these days dogs have an abundance of food and for a lot of dogs, the drive behind appetite becomes a meaningless exercise. If your dog is a fussy eater, this is something you want to take into consideration when it comes to treat frequency.

How Kangaroo Meat Treats Can Help: Kangaroo meat treats are highly palatable to 99% of dogs. Even the fussiest of dogs can not resist the smell and taste of Kangaroo meat based treats.

Is your dog overweight?


If your vet has told you that your fur child needs to shed a few Kg’s, you should definitely monitor the amount of treats your feeding.

A lot of people write in and ask us about weather a dog with weight issues can eat our treats. I’m always happy to say yes, but this recommendation is always followed by telling them to not go overboard. Think about overall food consumption for that day, Vs activity level.

In fact, our treats will actually help with weight loss as they are loaded with CLA, and Omega 3’s which are both known for reducing and assisting fat loss.

How Kangaroo Meat Treats Can Help: Kangaroo meat treats contain a good amount of CLA and Omega 3’s which helps to maintain a healthy weight and reduces fat cell production.

What size is your dog?


Finally, we look at the dog size. This is the number one thing to take into account. You wouldn’t feed a great dane the same way you would feed a Chihuahua, right?

Based on size the following is recommended:

  • Small 0-25kg 1-3 per day.
  • Medium 25-45kg 1-4 per day.
  • Large breeds 45kg + 1-5 per day.

How Kangaroo Meat Treats Can Help: Kangaroo meat based treats can be easily broken down to suit the size and weight of any dog. This is especially helpful to pet owners with more than one breed/size of dog.

The Bottom Line: An Individualised approach

Each fur child is special in its own way, there is no one size fits all and nor should there be. Every dog has its own unique personality and quirks, there fore an individualised approach is best.

Sure, we have given guidelines above, but it’s also true that some of the common situations above are likely to effect how frequent you treat your pooch.

So, is there a limit on how many treats you should be feeding per day?

The answer is YES, with a dash of common sense. If you take the individualised approach outlined in this article, you’ll be on the right track.

Looking for a healthy treat? By far, the most suitable treat to feed your dog without worrying about weight management, digestion, fussiness, or getting the quantity perfect, you simply cant go past Kangaroo Fillet pet treats.

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