Natural Ways To Boost Your Dog’s Immune System

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As much as we strive to keep ourselves healthy, it’s just as important to keep our four-legged friends in tip-top shape too!

But try as we may, there are just those times where their immune system can’t handle what gets thrown at them or what they get themselves into.

A low immune system can result in skin infections, recurring parasitic infections, weak gastrointestinal tracts, mild infections, or illnesses that morph into more serious health problems like damaged cells.

Damaged cells are more prone to cancer, heart disease, and other degenerative diseases.

An easy enough solution to help our furry friends stay happy and healthy each day is to BOOST their immune system.

Here are a few simple steps that will keep your dog strong and healthy!

dog bath
1) Keeping Them Clean
Dirt and dogs have a magnetic connection we’ll never be able to break. However, trying to maintain the cleanliness of your dog is the start of a healthier immune system. Regularly cleaning their blankets, pillows, toys, and dishes keeps them germ and parasite free and is also a great way to keep your house smelling fresh!
dog hydration
2) Hydration
Some dogs may refuse to drink as much water as they should, but it’s very important to keep your dog hydrated throughout the day by giving them access to a clean bowl of fresh water. Just like us, when your pooch drinks water, it helps them flush toxins out of their body.
3) Stress Free & Active
Believe it or not but stress affects your pooch pals too! When dogs get stressed, just like us, it will take over their immune system and affect them physically and mentally. A good way to avoid and relieve stress is regular exercise, socialization, and taking them on different adventures. Instilling these steps in your dog’s life will increase endorphins in their brain, stimulate them, and challenge their body and minds positively.
4) Weight Control
Giving your dog a healthy diet is key. When a dog has an unhealthy diet and starts becoming overweight, their immune system feels the negative blow first. It’s not always easy to curb a hungry, growing dog’s diet, but talking with your vet about calorie intake and portion control will bring you and your dog down a healthier road.
5) Diet and Nutrition 
Boosting your dog’s immune system with certain nutrients is highly recommended. In particular, Echinacea, Omega 3s fatty acids, Medicinal Mushrooms, Suma (A native Amazon root), Pau d’arco (derived from a tree that comes from the rain forests of Brazil). All of these are quite difficult to acquire and dose so please seek advice from your vet before feeding any of the nutrients listed above.

Try this tip today:

Looking for the easy button to boost your pets immune system?

Not many people know this but the gut is the bodies first line of defence, it’s where 80% of your pets immune system lives. Therefore, what you put into your dogs body directly relates to the state of their immune system.

 Due to exposure to an array of common store bought dog foods, vet medications, and toxic chemicals from flea or worming treatments, most dog’s have a poor immune system that is DESTROYING their health and making it virtually impossible for them to live a long healthy life free from disease…

Fortunately, we discovered a solution that will not only give your pooch a strong immune system, but most recently, veterinarians have found it helps with allergies, controls inflammation, and helps with joint health and functions of other organs in their body…

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