How to Pick a Top Quality Dog Treat

dog treat choosing

Of course, there is no one on the planet who doesn’t like to surprise their pet with a nice treat now and again.

There is nothing better than feeling that rush when your dog goes nuts for that tiny treat in your hand. However, how do you know that what you are giving them is healthy?

Owners tend to lose sight of what is best for their pooch as it is so easy to get side tracked by marketing gimmicks, packaging claims, and fear of trying something new or different.

There are more than a few true blue ways of picking out a top quality dog treat and in this post today, I’ll run you through a few different types of treats, and how to pick the best of the lot.

Meat Dog Treats

The majority of dogs love to be able to sink their teeth into, munch or gnaw a meaty treat. Dogs are omnivores, however, between meat or veg, it is obvious which one they would prefer. To be classed as a Meat treat, it either needs to be 100% meat or contain a maximum of 2 or 3 ingredients. Treats that are formed in a machine won’t be called meat.


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When choosing a meaty dog treat here are a few things to look out for to ensure your pet is receiving a top quality treat:

  • Make sure that the ingredients are fresh, minimally processed and that there are only 2 or 3 ingredients listed. Ideally meat treats will be single ingredient.
  • Ensure that this meaty treat doesn’t use preservatives, which are sometimes listed as sulphites.
  • The main meat is recognisable, such as bison, cattle, lamb, chicken or Kangaroo.
  • Check out where the product is made, make sure it is a recognisable country for safe dog treats such as and preferably Australia.
  • If the meaty treats are of top quality, then they usually have a batch date for tracking.

Things to avoid when choosing a meaty treat:

  • Some treats are made with corn or low quality grain by-products and sold as “meat”; it is best to avoid these.
  • You should avoid treats, which contain animal by-product or any unnamed animal sources, such as bone meal or animal fat, crude protein.
  • Avoid treats made with multi species meats. (i.e.”Chicken” treats made with Chicken, Pork and Beef.)

Chewing Meaty Treats

All dogs, whether large or small need to instinctively chew. Some spend half an hour chewing on their treats and some can spend all day and night gnawing away. Not only do chewing treats promote stimulation, but they can also help to reduce anxiety and stress levels. This is great for puppies and dogs that are looking to expel any excess energy or tension. Chewing treats can also help to keep a dog’s jaw strong, teeth clean and their breath fresher. Dogs who chew treats have also been known to have less plaque and tartar build-up on their teeth.


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When choosing a chewing meaty treat, keep in mind the points mentioned above as well as looking out for the following:

  • Natural, nothing added
  • Pure or single ingredients.
  • Meaty Chew treats are great as long as they are made from well-known sources such as Kangaroo, Chicken or Beef.

Things to avoid when choosing a chew treat:

  • If you see any artificial colourings or preservatives i.e. BHA or BHT, put it back on the shelf.
  • If the treats contain any artificial humectants such as propylene glycol, find something else.
  • Avoid meaty treats from China or Thailand. Avoid ingredients found in meaty treats that have been sourced from China or Thailand.
  • Avoid treats that are high in salt, sugar or fat.


When choosing a meaty dog treat, Kangaroo meat based treats are a great way to not only treat your pet, but also get the essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals into their diet. Made with 100% human grade kangaroo, these delectable chewable treats can help to relieve boredom as well as maintain healthy teeth.

Great chew treats for your furbaby can be found in our online store.


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