How To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean Without A Toothbrush 

Note: If your dogs teeth look anything like the image below, you need to read this entire article for a natural solution on how to eliminate dog dental disease today!

Healthy teeth and gums are paramount in the overall health of your dog. We brush our teeth twice, if not three times a day, so why wouldn’t we do this for our fury loved ones?

Well, for the most of us, the problem is being a real person — one with a working spouse, two jobs, 2 kids and a few hobbies to balance between loving our furkids. That and the fact that cleaning their teeth with an old toothbrush can be uncomfortable for you and them.

For some dogs, even the hint that you are about to brush their teeth, such as the noise of the toothpaste cap coming off, is enough to send them into a frenzy, which can be stressful for both pet and owner.

In this post today, we’ll discuss a range of solutions that could make this daily tackle an issue of the past.

Teeth Cleaning Gels

Gels are simple to use and can only take a few seconds to apply. All that you need to do is to place the correct dosage onto your finger and run your finger over your pet’s teeth and gums.

You can also use your dog’s toothbrush in applying it. If this is too much stress for your pet, placing the gel on their lips is enough to do the trick, as they will instinctively lick it off.

Ingredients used in gels should be natural and non-toxic.

Teeth Cleaning Sprays

Sprays are another easy way to ensure your pet’s dental health. Sprays work in conjunction with the saliva and changing its chemistry within the mouth.

It is a slightly slower process. The ingredients stimulate enzymes within the saliva, which then softens and breaks down tartar and plaque. Sprays should be applied to the gums by lifting up your dog’s top lip.

However, if this is not possible, then not to worry as this product will still work, you just have to get it into your dog’s mouth.

Teeth Cleaning Drops

If you choose to use teeth cleaning drops, then this is even easier than gels or sprays as you do not need to put this product directly into your dog’s mouth.

All you need to do is add the suggested dosage to your pet’s water bowl. Over time, the ingredients will mix with your pet’s saliva to breakdown the build up of plaque and tartar.

As you can see, there is more than one way to get your pooches’ teeth sparkling clean and prevent oral issues, but by far, the most convenient and least invasive to your pet is this next option.

The Most Convenient (and safest) Solution:

I’m talking about an all natural dental chew.
Providing your dog with a daily dental chew is THE BEST way to protect your pets teeth and gums, without the need for a toothbrush, expensive vet bills, or feeding dangerous bones.
But beware of imported dental chews or processed .  Well I have good news for you today. Healthy pet parents all around Australia have been getting amazing success by feeding a top quality dental chew like dried Kangaroo Tendons
And the reason they are getting results is simple. Roo Tendons are:
  • High in Protein – Essential for optimal dog health
  • High in Omega 3’s – Healthy skin and coat, strong immune system, stops itching
  • Allergen Free – Alleviates itching and infections
  • Single Ingredient – No fillets or additives
  • 100% AUSTRALIAN made!

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