How to Cure Your Dog of Being a Fussy Eater


How to Cure Your Dog of Being a Fussy Eater 2
Does your dog give you a hard time about eating? Maybe you put down a bowl of food only to have Fido give it a sniff and turn away. If this is a common occurrence in your home you probably want to know why.

Is It the Food?

If you’ve recently changed dog food brands, maybe your pet simply doesn’t like this one for some reasons. If Max will eat another brand just fine, it’s simply a preference and I wouldn’t worry about it. Feed your dog the preferred brand and give away the other to a friend or donate it to a local pet shelter.

If you’ve tried different varieties and your pet won’t eat any kibble, then you have other questions to ask. Could your pet be sick? Lethargy and lack of appetite could indicate a health problem that requires your veterinarian.

But let’s say you’ve tried that tactic and no, you just have a fussy eater. Then you’ll want to ask yourself what your dog is eating? Is it possible that he’s dining frequently from your plate? If so, it could be that he’s just decided he prefers what you’re having.

If that’s the case, then your answer is cut out the table feeding. Dogs who eat your handouts from the table usually eat foods that aren’t good for them and you run the risk of your pet gaining weight and becoming obese.

And that’s not healthy as you know!

How to Encourage Your Dog to Eat His Dog Food

Cute Bichon Havanese puppy dog is lying beside a red bowl of dog food and looking at camera - isolated on white background

Assuming your dog is healthy and just doesn’t like the options you’re offering, you can try this trick. Put the food down. If the dog doesn’t eat it within 30 minutes, then pick it up. Put it away until the next meal time.

If your dog still won’t eat, repeat the process.

Of course, it is worth trying a different brand of food. That may be a simple fix. Dogs have preferences just like people and maybe that flavor (or brand) simply isn’t appealing.

But if it’s more than that, then you need to find another way to get nutrition into your pet.

If you’re like a lot of savvy Australian pet parents, you already know your dog needs a diet high in protein and essential vitamins and minerals.

Without these essentials, just like people dogs can become malnourished meaning your pet will suffer in the long run.

The Solution To Fussy Eaters

A great way to sneak that nutrition back into your fussy dogs diet is by feeding high nutrient density treats.

If you can feed them something that is 100% natural, healthy, and that they obviously can’t resist…This would be doggy nirvana.

How to Cure Your Dog of Being a Fussy Eater 3

We’ll thats exactly what we have done here at Pet Snacks.

Our treats are made of air-dried, free-range kangaroo meat which is loaded with protein and those important omega 3 fatty acids. These “good” fats contribute to your dog’s joint health as well as heart, eyes, skin, coat and even emotional well-being.

These kangaroo treats have no fillers or preservatives. Just pure kangaroo meat from our dog to yours.

Try some to cure your fussy dog today…

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