5 Signs That Your Dog Has Allergies and The Solution


One frustrating thing about owning a dog is when they are in distress and can’t communicate with you for help.

Fortunately, dogs are very good at closing that communication gap passively.

There are a number of signs, which can show that your pet is suffering with an issue.  In this post, we’ll be showing you some of the common signs that your dog may exhibit when they have an allergy.

It’s very common for pets to be suffering from allergies and owners missing the signs. And if left untreated, Allergies are something that can go from a minor issue to a big problem, real fast.

Here’s the top 5 symptoms of allergies, and a simple solution:

1. Constant shaking of the head

If your pooch is constantly shaking its head and dragging their ears along the ground, then this could be a sign that your dog has an ear infection.

Unfortunately, ear infections don’t go away by themselves and this could be a sign that there is something more going on, other than just a build up of wax. Recurring ear infections can be caused by a bacteria or yeast infection, which in turn can be triggered by an exposure to allergens.

2. Dry, irritated and flaky skin which looks like dandruff

If your dog is beginning to turn white, then this could be a sign that your pet is not suffering with dandruff, but an allergy. There are a number of reasons why your dog’s skin could be drying out and beginning to flake.

3. Difficulty breathing and wheezing

If you notice that after a walk your pet is breathing harder than they would normally do or you hear them wheezing, this could be due to a number of causes. One of the most common cause is an allergy. Make sure that you note down as and when this wheezing occurs and seek a vet’s opinion.

4. Vomiting

If your dog starts vomiting, then this is a reason to be concerned. Many dogs suffer from allergies which can irritate their stomach causing them to vomit. If you notice your dog has a sensitive stomach, it may be caused by allergens in their food.

5. Foot Chewing

If you spot your dog gnawing at its toes then this could be a sign that they are grooming themselves, but if the chewing is more than usual, this could be a sign that your pet may be allergic to their food. Food allergies quite often present themselves in the form of itchy legs, face and paws.

The Solution


If your loved one is experiencing any of the symptoms above, the most common cause is the kind of food that they are eating.

This can relate to processed carbohydrates, corn, preservatives in cheap canned food, or cheap fillers in treats.

The quickest and easiest thing that you can do to help your pet is by changing to a raw food diet, replacing the processed rubbish for pure, 100% natural ingredients such as Kangaroo meat.


Kangaroo meat is a known superfood for dogs and humans. It’s packed with protein, high in omega 3’s, and vitamins and minerals. Check out these benefits:

Kangaroo Meat Benefits:

  • High in Protein – Essential for optimal dog health
  • High in Omega 3’s – Healthy skin and coat, strong immune system, stops itching
  • Allergen Free – Alleviates itching and infections
  • Dental Health – Keeps teeth super clean and breath fresh

For pets, you can get Kangaroo meat dog treats which are the best thing you can feed any dog because they are 100% natural and healthy, plus they keep them busy, clean teeth, and best of all, they are highly nutritious.

Pet Snacks Allergen Free Kangaroo treats for dogs have no additives, no preservatives, no harmful ingredients. The reality is, if you’re feeding your dog these cheap store bought treats, you’re putting your pet’s health at risk.

Try some allergen free Pet Snacks today!

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