The Worlds Most Dangerous Dog Chew Toy (And a healthy Alternative)


Few people know this but lurking inside every pet store is a silent killer of your best friend…

This seemingly innocent treat can:

  • Get stuck in your dogs intestines
  • Lower immunity
  • Increase risk of infection and internal disease.
  • Choke your dog and lead to death

And the worst part is you may be unknowingly doing harm to your best friend each time you feed it to him, so what is this dangerous treat exactly…

It’s rawhide.

When you look on the supermarket shelves you would think that rawhide is one of the less worrying contributions to the dog treat industry. This is pure animal skin after all, its super common, has been around for years and dogs love them right?

Surely it’s better to give rawhide chews than let them eat your shoes right? Actually it’s really not, because rawhide in essence is closer to a shoe than anything actually edible and feeding them to your dog can have disastrous consequences.

Why Are Rawhide Chews So Bad? 

Rawhide chews are a by-product of the leather industry. This chew type not actually food at all. There is no nutrition in the chew and yet plenty of risk.

Think of skin for a moment. It is obviously thicker on larger animals than our own bodies yet regardless of where it originated skin of any type will begin to die with the animal that it originates from. When it dies skin quickly begins to turn black and even rot. So the hide is treated very quickly to prevent this, with the first in a long line of chemicals.

How They Are Made…

  1. The first treatment is carried out in the form of a chemical bath to prevent deterioration of the hide.
  2. The next treatment in the process is to soak the hide in another chemical solution, often sodium sulphide liming – this is to remove the hair from the hide and give that smooth appearance that we expect from leather (and rawhide dog treats) Interestingly a quick internet search states that this process (when used for leather furniture and clothing) raises environmental concerns. Yet the exact same process is used on the rawhide treats that our beloved dogs eat.
  3. Then another chemical additive is introduced in order to split the skin and puff it out. The hide naturally splits into an outer and inner layer at this point. The inner layer becomes rawhide dog chews whilst the outer layer continues its journey to become leather goods.
  4. Finally the process is completed by making the hide look good enough to buy. It is either bleached white or tanned with artificial colourings, then sold to us though pet stores.

Canine Rawhide – Chemical Hazards

20125282313585858As the health implications of feeding rawhide have been increasingly explored we have learned much about the chemical and additive potential of seemingly innocent rawhide treats. Chemicals found include:

  • Arsenic
  • Chromium salts
  • Formaldehyde
  • Lead
  • Mercury

Any unnatural chemical within the body of the dog will throw his immune system into overdrive. The organs will be forced to work extra hard to rid the body of the chemical whilst immunity lowers against passing infection and internal disease.

Choking Hazard – The Rawhide Dog Chew

When the dog has frantically chewed his rawhide treat into a sloppy mess he will swallow it. At this point he is swallowing the equivalent of a lump of hardened leather with no nutritional benefit. The chew becomes a foreign body in the dog’s digestive system. The risks from this point on are high. The chew can get stuck in the throat of the dog, which will become apparent immediately. Yet even if he swallows the chew successfully it can easily get stuck in the digestive system, the most common place for a blockage is the intestine. Symptoms of blockage include repeated vomiting and disorientation. The dog will not be able to pass faeces because nothing is moving inside the body. This is the point where emergency surgery is necessary to save the life of the affected dog.

My Dog Has Eaten Plenty of Rawhide and is Healthy!

shutterstock_105384188Please, choose your treats extra carefully, take some time to look at the ingredients and preparation of everything that your dog eats and finally – leave that rawhide right there on the shelf. It’s simply not food. PS. In our research, we found this fact to be the most disturbing of all:

An investigation by Humane Society International stated in their report, “In a particularly grisly twist, the skins of brutally slaughtered dogs in Thailand are mixed with other bits of skin to produce rawhide chew toys for pet dogs. Manufacturers told investigators that these chew toys are regularly exported to and sold in U.S. stores.” –

Don’t Play Russian Roulette With Your Dogs Health…

I know from my own experiences in being a dog owner, finding the right treat to feed your dog can be like playing Russian roulette. In 2008 I lost my dog to liver failure partially because of the toxic treats I was unknowingly feeding him.

The situation was so heartbreaking at the time but from then on I made a promise to never make the same mistake with another dog. I started searching and digging for the healthiest dog treats available and soon figured out that one of the best things I could be feeding my dog was right under my nose; Kangaroo meat.

Kangaroo meat dog treats are the best thing you can feed any dog because they are 100% safe, they cure boredom, clean teeth, and best of all are highly nutritional.

Kangaroo Meat Benefits:

  • High in Protein – Essential for optimal dog health
  • High in Omega 3’s – Healthy skin and coat, strong immune system, stops itching
  • Allergen Free – Alleviates itching and infections
  • Dental Health – Keeps teeth super clean and breath fresh

And hands down, the best chew you can give your dog is made 100% from Kangaroo Tendon (The Achilles tendon).

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Kangaroo Tendons have no additives, no preservatives, no harmful ingredients. My mission is to spread the word about the benefits of Kangaroo Dog treats so they would never have to go through the same mistakes myself and many others have.

The reality is, if your feeding your dog these cheap store bought treats, your putting your pets health at risk. Just look below at the comparison between the top commercial brand vs. Kangaroo Tendons.

Roo Tendons  Vs Commercial Treats

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There are over 30 ingredients in Dentabone. Kangaroo Tendons have just one, and last a lot longer.

Educated Australian pet owners already know the benefits of Roo Tendons and dogs everywhere just love them because they challenge any dog, keep teeth clean, and keep breath fresh:

Here’s What Dog Owners Are Saying About Roo Tendons:


On top of all that, scientific evidence backs up that adding a durable natural chew to your dogs diet daily will result in significant reductions in plaque and mouth disease related issues…

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