STOP THIS-2 The Most Common Dog Disease And How To Prevent It. (Plus a Special Offer)

There is a disease in dogs that is so common its effecting 8 our of 10 dogs over 3 years of age.

This unseen common disease can cause your dog:

  • Irreversible damage
  • Weight loss
  • Pain
  • Heart disease
  • Foul breath
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Excessive drooling

So what is this common disease that vets are screaming for you to prevent?

Doggy Dental Disease!

Unfortunately, dental disease is the most common medical issue found amongst pets nowadays. With over a whopping 80% of dogs over 3 years are suffering with dental disease.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dental Disease?

The symptoms of severe gum disease include:

  • Problems picking up food
  • Bleeding or red gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Blood in the water bowl or on chew toys
  • Bad breath (halitosis)
  • “Talking” or making noises when a dog eats or yawns
  • Bumps or lumps in the mouth
  • Bloody or ropey saliva
  • Not wanting the head touched (head shyness)
  • Chewing on one side of the mouth
  • Sneezing or nasal discharge (advanced gum disease in the upper teeth can destroy the bone between the nasal and oral cavity

Can Dental Disease Affect More Than Just Your Dog’s Mouth?

The answer is yes. Numerous studies have shown a direct link between dental diseases in dogs to systemic diseases and infections of the kidneys, liver, lungs and heart. There has even been a link found with diabetes as well as cancer and problems during pregnancy.

These serious systemic diseases can develop or be made worse by the endless amounts of bacteria present in the mouth which in-turn, gets absorbed into the bloodstream via bad or bleeding gums. One thing to remember is that, if the systemic illnesses are caused by dental disease, then as soon as the continuous barrage of bacteria is removed from the teeth and gums, then these diseases usually resolve.

Will Feeding Dry Food Help?


Although there are many claims out there that suggest dry food will clean your dogs teeth and prevent dental disease, many of the studies out there are funded by the very people who are selling dry food.

Recently an experiment took place to see exactly what would happen to a dog’s dental health if they changed their diet to commercial kibble. Not only was this experiment conducted to see if it would make a difference, the vet also wondered ‘how long would it take a healthy dog to deteriorate once it is fed kibble on a regular basis?’

Over a period of time, the vet fed a healthy dog, only kibble. The results were unbelievable. A number of photos were taken to see the difference throughout. After only 17 days the dogs’ teeth turned yellow, the dogs’ breath began to smell and its gums began bleeding. The vet realised that because the food was not removing the bacteria from the teeth, the bacteria multiplied and were gaining access to the rest of the body through the broken and bleeding gums. 

Can I Reverse or Prevent Dental Disease In My Dog?

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Yes. It is possible to reverse or prevent the effects of dental disease in your dog, but you can’t let it get too far or it is irreversible. Here are some ways recommended by top vets to help prevent or reverse dental disease:

  • Get your dogs teeth professionally cleaned by a vet – This is probably the most expensive rout, and most vets will tell you putting dogs under anaesthesia isn’t the safest practice.
  • Brush your dogs teeth daily – For most people this isn’t convenient or easy as dogs normally don’t like it.
  • Give your dog bones to chew on – Although one of the best ways to clean dog teeth, most bones will shatter and can cause your dog a whole range of health problems.
  • The next best thing is a natural, fully digestible dental chew – One of the best chews available is Kangaroo meat treats because they don’t only clean teeth, but they are highly nutritional.

Kangaroo Meat Benefits:

  • High in Protein – Essential for optimal dog health
  • High in Omega 3’s – Healthy skin and coat, strong immune system, stops itching
  • Allergen Free – Alleviates itching and infections
  • Dental Health – Keeps teeth super clean and breath fresh

And hands down, the best dental chew you can give your dog to prevent or reverse dental disease is an all natural pet treat made 100% from Kangaroo Tendon (The Achilles tendon).

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When dried, the Kangaroo Tendon is a highly durable and acts both as a dental chew, and a nutritional powerhouse for your pup.

There’s no additives, no preservatives, no harmful ingredients and every single piece is inspected for quality.

Through research and rigorous testing, we found that feeding dried Kangaroo Tendons to dogs has tremendous health benefits especially when compared to commercial pet and dental treats.

Our Treats Vs Commercial Treats

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There are over 30 ingredients in the most common popular dog chew, Kangaroo Tendons have just one ingredient. They keep teeth clean, breath fresh and what makes them even better is the fact the last up to 5x longer then leading commercial dental chews.

Educated Australian pet owners already know the benefits of Roo Tendons and dogs everywhere just love them because they challenge any dog, keep teeth clean, and keep breath fresh and…

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