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How to Cure Your Dog of Being a Fussy Eater

  Does your dog give you a hard time about eating? Maybe you put down a bowl of food only to have Fido give it a sniff and turn away. If this is a common occurrence in your home you probably want to know why. Is It the Food? If you’ve recently changed dog food… Read more

5 Signs That Your Dog Has Allergies and The Solution

One frustrating thing about owning a dog is when they are in distress and can’t communicate with you for help. Fortunately, dogs are very good at closing that communication gap passively. There are a number of signs, which can show that your pet is suffering with an issue.  In this post, we’ll be showing you… Read more

Best Treats For Small Dogs

Do you have a small dog? A poodle, Shi Tzu or even a Chihuahua mix? No matter what type of small dog you have, if you’re a caring pet parent, you want to make sure you’re feeding the best treats for small dogs that you can get. Dog food and treats can be confusing when… Read more

Things You Need To Know About Dog Food Nutrition Labels

If you’re like a lot of pet parents, you’re concerned about nutrition. You’re specifically concerned that your dog gets the right type of nutrition. After all, good health starts with eating well and your pet relies on you. You go to the pet store to find a high quality pet food and you’ll be amazed… Read more

How To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean Without A Toothbrush 

Note: If your dogs teeth look anything like the image below, you need to read this entire article for a natural solution on how to eliminate dog dental disease today! Healthy teeth and gums are paramount in the overall health of your dog. We brush our teeth twice, if not three times a day, so… Read more

Top 10 Reasons to Feed Your Dog Liver

If you put liver in front of your dog, it will most likely be eaten before the blink of an eye. Liver is an essential part of most dog’s diets. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and is vital if your pet pooch is to remain healthy. Liver is an organ-meat and like other… Read more

How to Pick a Top Quality Dog Treat

Of course, there is no one on the planet who doesn’t like to surprise their pet with a nice treat now and again. There is nothing better than feeling that rush when your dog goes nuts for that tiny treat in your hand. However, how do you know that what you are giving them is… Read more

Carbohydrates, Are They Really Good for Your Dog? or Just a Cheap Filler?

    Dog nutrition is a highly confusing topic. How much protein should your pet have? What about carbohydrates? Are corn, wheat and soy really bad for your pet? Do dogs need carbs? These are just some of the questions today’s pet parents ask themselves. To further complicate the matter, there’s no single “right” answer… Read more

How Hidden Ingredients Are Making Your Dog Sick

Have you ever wondered the difference between grocery store pet food and those premium pet food brands? After all, the latter can cost 4 times some of what grocery store brands charge. Is it worth it? In the next few minutes, we’ll look at the link between your pet’s food and their health and you’ll… Read more

One Pet Food Ingredient I Strongly Suggest You Avoid

If you’re like a lot of pet parents, you’ve probably heard murmurings of the “great corn debate”. Is it or is it not harmful for your dog? In fact, the subject of corn is one of the most debated topics in the dog food realm. Certainly, it’s no secret that corn is a filler ingredient…. Read more