These 5 Weird Foods Will Quickly Cure Your Dogs Allergies


Does your dog has any of the following symptoms?

  • Flakey and inflamed skin
  • Constantly shaking their head
  • difficulty breathing or wheezing
  • Vomit often
  • Chew their feet or fur

If so, they might be suffering with allergies, which is more common than you think.

Did you know that 25% of all visits to the vet are for allergy related issues?

Well, around 15% of those dogs have allergies because of diet. And 75% dogs affected by food allergies is caused by proteins from beef, dairy, and wheat. But there are also seasonal allergies…

So what can you do?

Below I’ll explain how you can harness the power of mother nature and naturally cure allergies by adding certain foods to your dog’s diet.

Note: You’ll notice in this article I mention allergies and immune system a lot. You may not realise this, but allergies are an immune system response. So to boost the immune system, is to combat allergies. 

#1: The Power Of Licorice Reduces Red, Inflamed Skin


I recently stumbled across an article which spoke of the amazing benefits of licorice for dogs.

I was blown away….

Here’s why:  Licorice plant is called “Glycyrrhizin” which is a herbal medicine and acts like a supercharger for anti-inflammation in the body.

You wouldn’t want to give your dog black cats, but by adding a small amount of licorice extract or oil to their food can help with arthritis and joint pain, itching and burning from allergies, digestive issues, works as a topical anti-itch aid, helps lower inflammation, liver health, detoxification and support, pain, respiratory issues with mucus membrane involvement, urinary tract infections.

Dosage: 12 to 20 drops per 20 pounds of body weight, twice daily is a good starting point

Warning: Using Licorice can cause water retention, so it’s best to only be used with the advice from a qualified practitioner.

#2: The Power Of Olive Oil Lowers Inflammation,  Soothes Skin and Nourishes Coat


This world famous oil has been used for centuries in food and medicine, and is the healthiest fat source known to man or dog. 

It contains a high amount of monounsaturated fats, and contains a good amount of vitamins E and K. Vitamin E has the ability to reduce the amount of histamine the body produces in response to an allergen.

Olive oil is very high in antioxidants which helps with lowering inflammation which will give your dog a healthy coat, boosted immune system, reduced skin allergies…

Olive oil is also good at lowering oxidative damage, which is a contributing cause of cancer. This is also because olive oil is high in antioxidants.

Indeed, adding Olive oil to your dogs daily food bowl is a very viable option for reducing allergies.

And then there is this…

#3: The Power Of Nettles To Naturally Boost Immune System


A friend once told me that stinging nettles can help with itchiness in dogs. I thought, how can something that makes me itch, be good for reversing itchiness?

Well, I did some research on this and found that my friend was right.

Stinging nettles have been used for 100’s of years to treat seasonal allergy symptoms.

They contain active components that reduce the symptoms of allergies and inflammation such as vitamins A, C, K, B complex, as well as minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and potassium. It also has antibacterial, astringent and antihistamine properties.

Nettles don’t only help with directly curing itchiness, they also help to decrease allergy sensitivities in dogs, sort of – reprogramming the immune system.

#4: The Powerful Range of Vitamins and Minerals in Spirulina 


First of all, what the heck is Spirulina?

It’s an organism which grows in both sea and freshwater. It’s a type of bacteria known as cyanobacterium. You might have heard it being referred to as Blue-green algae.

In animal studies, Spirulina has been proven to help boost immune system and reducing allergies.

It comes in powder form and contains a host of vitamins and minerals including Protein, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Copper, Iron. You can easily add very small amounts to your pets bowl. Mind you, it is very expensive.

#5: Harness The Power Of Omega 3 For Lowering Inflammation, and Curing Dry/Flaky/Itchy skin

I once paid $257 to find out something I already know:

My dog has allergies…

I couldn’t believe it, there I was again in the vet for the 3rd year straight, buying medication and getting atopy tests done for the same problem we had exactly one year before.

My Vet was happy for us to spend years looking for the source of the problem (may it be the grass or the pollens), using creams to cure the symptoms of the allergies (I remember my poor dog bear used to come up in hives around this time of year) but never once did our vet suggest to change the diet.

See the thing is, I was just treating the symptoms of allergies with medications, but it wasn’t going to cure them. I needed to bolster my dogs immune system, and combat the allergies from within. 

Then I discovered the power of Omega 3’s.

Omega 3’ are amazing for dry coat, dry/flaky/itchy skin, brittle nails. It also helps with optimal brain and cell function and relieves joint pain because it lowers inflammation.

Adding to your dog’s daily food bowl is one of the best things you can do for your pet. And there is a number of ways you can do that.

Sources include fatty fish like Salmon, fish oil, seeds, nuts, Wild meat.

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