4 Single Ingredient Treats ANY Dog Will Love


Something we pride ourselves on here at pet snacks, is that our treats are single ingredient. What you see, is what you get…

When you line them up next to the most “popular” pet treats on the market, it’s like comparing junk food to a kale shake. Pet snacks being the kale shake.
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And over the years of feeding treats to 1000’s of healthy happy dogs around Australia, we have found that there is 4 clear standout treats that dog lovers and their pets keep coming back for again and again.

In this post today, I’ll give you the details on each of them and tell you why they are so popular and we have a special deal at the bottom of the post so make sure you check it out.

1. Kangaroo Steak


Our naturally grass fed, free range dried premium Kangaroo steak is simply irresistible to any dog. Being high in protein, loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, and low in fat, it’s one of the healthiest pet treats on the planet. When compared with other meats, the health benefits along with the palatability of natural kangaroo meat makes it an easy choice for owners who want to guarantee their dog has a happy, healthy and long life. Pieces of all natural steak range in size but are mostly approx. 20cm x 5cm on average.

2. Kangaroo Tendons


Dried Kangaroo Tendon Pet Treats are extremely hard and will test the strongest chewers. Suitable for big or small dogs, they can be used as a reward for training or simply as a treat to spoil your dog. Kangaroo Tendons are the best teeth cleaning treat on the market, and pack a nutritional punch. If your looking for the highest quality Kangaroo Tendon in Australia, this is it.


3. Kangaroo Liver


Unlike imported liver treats made from poor quality meats, Pet Snacks Kangaroo liver treats are vet inspected to ensure the highest grade for your dog. Pet Snacks 100% natural liver treat will provide your dog with protein, fat and essential vitamins and minerals all of which your dog needs from his diet to keep him healthy. It can also be added to your pet’s food to boost nutritional value.


4. Kangaroo Chews


Kangaroo Chews are big enough for small dogs to chew for hours and are guaranteed to be a tough contest for larger dogs too. Made of meat, cartilage and tendon, they are extremely tough and are great for keeping teeth and gums healthy while being a tasty treat that dogs just can’t resist. Roo chews are 100% all natural, low fat, high protein, and super convenient to use anywhere and anytime. Roo Chews have been rigorously tested for toughness.

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