Amazing Dog Does Handstands on a Rope

I thought I’d seen it all until I stumbled across this YouTube video of a dog doing a handstand on a rope.  After working on this trick for the best part of two yrs, OzzyDog has finally cracked it, and done a full handstand on rope. Ozzys owner say: We are practicing in loads of… Read more

Pet Food TV commercial Featuring a Raging, Pissed-off Pet Parent (Hilarious)

There is nothing funny about big brand dog food companies cutting corners, fudging label information and using cheap fillers in their products. But this Saturday Night Live send up of a pet food TV commercial featuring a raging, pissed-off pet parent at Big Pet Food is bloody hilarious! (This is a clip from a late-night… Read more

2015 Worlds Ugliest Dog Contest Winner

It may sounds silly or even cruel, but the worlds ugliest dog contest isn’t about making fun of dogs, its about celebrating some of the characters of the dog world and applauding imperfection. The contest has been around for 25 years and this year’s entries did not disappoint. A good many of the contestant dogs… Read more

Apple Cider Vinegar Tea Body Rinse

Dogs Naturally Magazine recently came up with an awesome home made yeast-smashing spray for your dog! Pet Nutrition Blogger Rodney Habib added his spin by creating the visual for this easy-to-make homemade recipe. The body rinse can help restore skin pH levels, ease itchy skin, rashes and welts, and also has deters flies, fleas and gnats…. Read more

The Most Common Yet Preventable Disease In Dogs Over 3 Years Old

Now, if you love your four legged friend as much as I do mine, then no doubt you’ll want them to stay as healthy as possible. Right? Well, one of the most common yet preventable diseases in dogs over 3 years old is mouth disease. And unfortunately, other than bad breath there are few signs… Read more

16 Photos Of Humungous Dogs and Their Owners

Cute Dogs Wake Up Owners – Funny Video Compilation

One of the cutest things (and the most annoying things) a dog can do is give you a wake up call. Some do that quiet whimper thing like “Mum, Dad, I need to go toilet”. Or then there is the classic run up and jump onto the bed like “Wake up its morning time woooohooo”…. Read more

Meet Jiff – The Fastest Dog on Two Paws

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Meet Zeus, The Worlds Tallest Dog

Check out this awesome great Dane called Zeus who holds the Guinness World Record for being the worlds tallest dog. Watch the video below as his owners fill us in on life with a record breaking pet. Interviews with animal and veterinary specialists give insight into the nature of the Great Dane and what makes… Read more

10 Funniest Bulldog Videos

Buy Premium Kangaroo Jerky Pet TreatIf you have ever come into contact with an English Bulldog, you’ll know they are one hell of a character. I have had the privellage of owning a bulldog for 7 years now and let me tell you, what they lack in smarts they certainly make up in personality. And… Read more