5 Toxic Christmas Foods You MUST Avoid Feeding Your Dog…


Hey it’s James, Pet Snacks founder, and today I’m here with 5 “dangerous foods” that you need to avoid feeding your dog this Christmas.

These 5 foods are extremely common at this time of year, and are usually in abundance, so grab your Christmas hat and let’s jump right in.

Here are the 5 common (yet dangerous) Christmas food items you need to avoid:

1. Grapes/Raisins

Many dogs love these – we’ve heard of frozen grapes being used as treats – unfortunately, many dogs are not able to properly digest them and they can cause sudden kidney failure. Veterinarians are unclear as to why grapes and raisins can be so dangerous to dogs and it’s a subject they’re studying so it’s wise to stay away from them.

2. Cooked Chicken bones

Why would your pet have chicken bones in the first place? Two ways, you gave your dog a piece of cooked chicken on the bone or your pet went through the garbage. Cooked bones can splinter and puncture your pet’s organs. Dogs can also choke on them. Save yourself a heart wrenching trip to the vet hospital and keep cooked bones away from your furkids.

3. Cherries

These small, round berries may pack a healthy wallop for humans but for your dog? Not so much. The fruit can give them a tummy ache but more dangerous are the seeds. They have a form of naturally occurring cyanide (really something called amygdalin which can turn into cyanide) in  them. Crazy, right? So keep the cherries away from Fido.

4. Stuffing

Stuffing is AMAZING, but not for your dog. Most stuffing recipes include Onions and Garlic. Although Garlic is not toxic for dogs in small doses, multiple studies show that dogs who eat onions can develop anaemia.

5. Chocolate

Many people know that chocolate is bad for dogs, that it is poisonous. Not many people know why chocolate is such a toxic food for our canine companions. Chocolate contains an ingredient which is called Theobromine. The ingredient itself is part of the cocoa in chocolate and is present in cocoa of all forms.

Theobromine is highly, highly toxic to dogs and the darker a chocolate is the more dangerous it is for the animal. This is a drug like ingredient that affects humans in the same way – which is why we can feel odd after too much dark chocolate, yet whilst the human body can rid itself of theobromine in 6 hours the dog’s body takes up to 36 hours to remove the substance from his system.

Poisoning symptoms include vomiting and or diarrhoea, pacing and unable to settle, hyperactivity and eventually seizures. There is no antidote to theobromine poisoning so early veterinary attention is vital.

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